These Condominium Arrangement Tips Can Make Your Unit Looks More Spacious

If you are worried about the size of a tiny condominium, this can be tricked with a super comfortable and space-saving interior design. You must avoid using large furniture pieces to provide more space. Instead, use multifunctional furniture such as sofa beds, bunk beds, and beds that are equipped with storage at the bottom. In addition, the choice of mattress size is also the key to proper renovation. Furthermore, renovating your unit can be done easier if it has great floor plans, just like the ryse residence floor plans.

You can place a transparent minimalist shelf

The condo does not have a lot of room division. Generally, there is only a living room which is also used as a kitchen, dining room, family room, and living room. To clarify the function of each of these parts, you can separate it from cabinets or shelves with a size that is not too large. If you want to find a condo unit with decent size, you might want to see the ryse residence floor plans.

Select a Bar Table

If you still want a dining room even though the available space is limited, use a bar-style dining room that saves space. Just two chairs are enough for a young couple.

Open Space

For studio type condos, you can also divide them into several areas such as kitchen, dining room, family room, and bedroom. However, due to size limitations in the studio type, you should not use a divider cabinet. Just leave everything open and united. Another way is to be creative with a room divider other than the wall. To create privacy, you can use curtains, glass, or wood panels that can be moved. If you want a condo unit that is quite easy to be renovated, we suggest you check out the ryse residence condo units.

Use Hidden Furniture

Hidden furniture is best used as a complement to the small condo interior design. As an example, it can be a convenience if the drawer in the kitchen cabinet can be transformed into a dining chair. The furniture used must be multifunctional with efficient benefits.

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