Types Of Offshore Lures

The lure used for fishing in the sea is different when fishing in freshwater. The ocean has a type of fish that is mostly very aggressive, so it takes really careful preparation whether it is the ship used, the strings used, fishing rods, and of course the prepared offshore lures. Each lure is only suitable for certain fish-targeted fish so that it has advantages and disadvantages of each.

Here I will give some lure from the types of fish. Because for lures (artificial bait) there are many types of lures such as minnow, lure types of topwater, lure types of vibration, and metal jigs most of these artificial baits are used when fishing in the sea edge. A lure is usually used for fishing with techniques, casting, popping, trolling, jigging, casting jigs, or fly fishing. Types of lures are very diverse there are almost always the latest innovations to be able to mimic the movement of natural fish as closely as possible.