How To Adjust The Carpet To The Room? Peek This Way!

In this pandemic, there isn’t much you can do. It is very difficult to spend time outdoors especially with family. Deep concern about the rapid transmission of the virus makes you spend more time outside the home. You might prioritize the safety of your outgoing members and this becomes one of the important points for you to spend time at home with your dear family. You might already have a list of activities that you can do or just feel bored with activities that are only about watching or eating together. If you can give advice, one of the activities that make your weekend atmosphere fun with your family is decorating the house. You can choose additional items through the online store and invite your family to come to decorate the house. This is an exciting activity, including redecorating the carpet. You can get a new carpet at an online shop but you can only use one cleaning service for to clean your carpet.

What about the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčredecorating this? Are you interested?

If you are interested, you can start with the carpet selection. for rooms that are very sharp and crowded, you can use abstract monochrome or black and white carpet motifs. You do this so that the color is still in harmony with your room that is already colorful but chooses a pattern that suits your taste. For minimalist rooms whose tone is very neutral such as white or beige, you can choose abstract motif rugs in sharp or colorful colors. With this, you make your carpet as a statement piece in the room. if you like the minimalist design style, you can make your room still beautiful, neat, and simple with a carpet.

Choose colors as minimal as possible in your room, for example, 3 colors only. Then. install a large neutral-colored carpet in your room (better than the size of the mattress spread in the middle of the room). Many people like to buy carpets that cover the entire floor of the room. But, so as not to impress like a conference room carpet, you can choose the color of the carpet that is soft but fits all the colors in your room and put all your furniture on it.

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